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Genealogy Data Page 63 (Notes Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Karen Eilola
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

Putnam, Joseph (b. 29 AUG 1659, d. ?)

Reference: 1287

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Putnam, Benjamin (b. 24 OCT 1664, d. 1715)
Note: Benjamin Putnam

[edit] Will
In the Name of God Amen I Benj Putnam of Salem in ye County of Essex in ye province of the Mass Bay in New England being in per- fect health & of sound memory Blefsed be God for it. yet Consider- ing my own mortality Doe make This my Last Will & Testament In Forme and Manner Followi

Imps I Give np my Soul to God & my Body to Decent buriall hopeing for a glorious refurrection in & thro Jesus Crist my Redeemr. and as for yt estate yt God hath bestowed upon me I give & Bequeath in Man- ner following

I Give to Sarah my beloved wife fifty pounds in or as Money to be payed within five years after my decease by my Exers hereafter named Also ye use of ye lower room in ye west end of my house & halfe ye Cellar under it during her widowhood.

Item I give this ffarme I now dweel upon to my Two eldest sons Nathaniel & Tarrant with all the buildings & fences thereon to be equally Divided between them only Nathaniel shall have twenty acres above halfe They paying as is hereafter expressed

Item I give to Benja & Stephen my two sons My part of Davenports Farm ; also my part of the meadow that belongs to said farme, also ye land adjoining to ye meadow yt I bought of Mr. Israel Porter to be equally divided between them both land & Meadow they paying as hereafter is expressed.

Item I Give to my son Israel That land which I bought of Mr. Minziefs belongeing to Mr Humpherys farme alfo that six acres of meadow ground which I bought of my brother John Putnam belongeing to Grigeles his farme.

Item I Give to my son Daniell one hundred and fifty pounds in or as money To be payed by my Two sons Nathaniel and Tarrant equally be- tweene them as he shall neade it in his Larning or when he comes of age If he do not take to Larening.

Also my sons Nathaniell and Tarant shall pay fifty pounds Willed to my wife as bove said and also fourty pounds to their sister Elizabeth and also twenty pounds to their brother Cornelius when they com of age each their part.

Item My Will is that my son Cornelius be put out to larne som good Trade and that his brothers Benjamin and Stephen shall pay him Six Score pounds in or as mony within Three years after he comes of age That is forurty pounds a yeare To be Equally to be payed betweene Them.

Item I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth Sixty pounds to be payed out of my household goods at my decees proportunalle of everything to be apprised to Her and the Remainder of my Household goods withmy out dores Vseing Tooles I give to my Two sons Nathaniel and Tarrant.

Item All my Stock of what Kinde soever I give to be equally devided amonges all my children except my son Daniel.

Item I do appoint my two sons Nathaniel and Tarrant to be Joynte Executors of this my will and my will is that if any of my children dye before they com of age that theire parte or portion shall be equally devided between the servivors I Do desire and apointe my Well beloued frinds my brother John putnam and my Cozen Jonathan putnam to be the Ouerfeers of this my will and I do require all my children to sett down by the advice of my overfeers whare there my arise any mifsunderstanding of my will

In Testemony that this is my last Will and Testement I have hereunto set my hand and seale This Twenty eight day of October in the year of our Lord Seventene hundred and six

Signed and Seeled published and declared in presence of us


John Jeffards Beniamin putnam [seal]


Hannah X Roberds


Jonathan Putnam

Apprais and Allowed befr Hon Jno Appleton at Court at Ipswich April 25 1715

Endorsed Will of Leut Putnam

[edit] Children
Children of Benjamin Putnam (1664-1715) and Hannah
Name Birth Death
Josiah Putnam (?-1751)
Nathaniel Putnam (1686-1754) August 25, 1686(1686-08-25),
Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts October 21, 1754,
Danvers, Massachusetts
Tarrant Putnam (1688-1732)
Elizabeth Putnam (c1689-?)
Benjamin Putnam (1693-aft1744)
Stephen Putnam (1694-1772)
Daniel Putnam (1696-1759) 1696 1759
Israel Putnam (1699-1760)
Cornelius Putnam (1702-1761)

History and Genealogy of the state of maine.
lll) Captain Benjamin, youngest son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Hutchinson) Putnam, was born December 24, 1064, at Salem Village, and died at the same place about 1715. He was a prominent man in Salem and held many town offices, being tythingman at the village in 1695-96, and constable and collector in 1700, and was selectman in 1707- 1713, and was often on the grand and petit juries. He was chosen to perambulate the bounds between the towns of Salem and Tops- field, which was his last appearance on the records, in 1712. He held the position of lieutenant and captain, was in the Indian war, and received the titles in 1706-1711. It appears that he was imprisoned at one time, but for what cause does not appear. Among the signatures to the certificate of character of Rebecca Nurse, the names of Benjamin and his wife Sarah appears. Rev. Joseph Green, in his diary, mentions calling on "Landlord In 1694 Nathaniel and John Putnam testified to having lived in the village since 1641. He married, in Salem, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Alice (Bosworth) Hutchinbon, of Salem Village. She was born August 20, and baptized at Arnold, England, August 30, 1629, and died June 24, 1688. In 1648 both Nathaniel and his wife Elizabeth were admitted to the church in Salem. Their children, all born in Salem, were : Samuel, Nathaniel, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Benjamin and Mary. Putnam" and that he was very sick and out
of his head. December 30, 1709, he was
chosen deacon of the church of the village.
His will, dated October 28, 1706, was proved
April 25, 1715. He gives to his son (minister
at Reading) "one hundred and fifty pounds
for his learning," "Overseers, Uncle John
Putnam and Captain Jonathan Putnam." All
his children but Josiah are mentioned. He
was married August 25, 1686, to Elizabeth,
daughter of Thomas Putnam (according to
Colonel Perley Putnam), but on the Salem
records the births are recorded as by w1fe
Hannah. His first wife died December 21,
1705, and he married (second) July 1, 1706,
Sarah Holton. His children were : Josiah,
Nathaniel, Tarrant, Elizabeth, Benjamin,
Stephen, Daniel, Israel and Cornelius. (Mention
of Tarrant and Daniel and descendants
appears in this article.)
Reference: 1288

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Putnam, Mary (b. 15 JUL 1668, d. ?)
Reference: 1289

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Tufts, John (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 1290

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FLINT, Elizabeth (b. 19 AUG 1685, d. OCT 1762)
Reference: 1291

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Damon, Ebenezer (b. 9 AUG 1686, d. ?)
Reference: 1292

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FLINT, George (b. 1 APR 1686, d. ?)
Reference: 1293

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Pope, Jerusha (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 1294

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Pope, Joseph (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 1295

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Folger, Bethsua (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 1296

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FLINT, Ann (b. 18 APR 1687, d. 1742)
Reference: 1297

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Parker, Johnathan (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 1298

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FLINT, Nathaniel (b. 21 OCT 1690, d. BEF 1694)
Note: Died Young
Reference: 1299

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FLINT, Mary (b. 4 NOV 1691, d. ?)
Note: 114 MARY, b. 4 Nov., 1691; "unfortunate daughter Mary." She had
been accidentally shot by her sister in the shoulder. Her grandfather
Nathaniel Putnam bequeathed to her a double portion,
A History of the Putnam family in England and America - Volume 1, page 58
Reference: 1300

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FLINT, Mercy (b. 7 OCT 1692, d. ?)
Reference: 1301

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Damon, Benjamin (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 1302

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FLINT, Nathaniel (b. 4 JAN 1693/94, d. 17 NOV 1760)
Reference: 1303

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Herrick, Mary Ruth (b. 29 APR 1688, d. 1739)
Reference: 1304

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FLINT, Hannah (b. 12 FEB 1694/95, d. ?)
Reference: 1305

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Hunt, John (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 1306

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