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Genealogy Data Page 116 (Notes Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Karen Eilola
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

Davis, William Hannah (b. , d. ?)

Reference: 2370

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Nixon, James Boyle (b. 3 OCT 1828, d. 8 NOV 1894)
Reference: 2371

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Zearly, Saray Jane (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 2372

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Nixon, William (b. 31 DEC 1745, d. 2 APR 1801)
Note: William Nixon was born on 31 Dec 1745 in Carrickfad, Ireland. One source shows him as born in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, but his parents are shown as having left Ireland in 1748 so this appears unlikely. He immigrated about 1748 to New Jersey. He emmigrated from Ireland with his parents. He was a member of Christ Episcopal Church in 1769 in Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey. In 1769 he was elected clerk of the meeting at which the church was organized, then elected Vestryman in 1776. He lived in Sussex County, New Jersey in 1769. He served in the military during the Revolutionary War in the Sussex County, New Jersey Militia of the Continental Army from 11 Apr 1777 to Apr 1778. He enlisted as a private in Capt. Brittan's Company, Col. Oliver Spencer's Regiment for one year. He received Certificate number 608, dated 1 May 1784 and signed by Joseph Gaston, for £4:7, for depreciation of his Continental pay in the Sussex County Militia. He lived in Georges Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania after 1778. He moved here following his service in the Revolutionary War. He died on 2 Apr 1801 in Georges Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He died here in an old log mansion house. He was buried after 2 Apr 1801 in White Rocks Cemetery, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Allan Nixon and Catherine Wright.
Spouse: Jane Yanacha Ayers. William Nixon and Jane Yanacha Ayers were married about 1771 in Sussex County, New Jersey. Children were: Allen Nixon, Moses Nixon, Jacob Nixon, John Nixon, William Nixon, Dorcas Nixon, George Nixon, Jacob Nixon, Samuel Nixon, Elizabeth Nixon.
Reference: 2373

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Ayers, Yanacha Jane (b. 16 JAN 1744/45, d. 12 DEC 1831)
Note: Jane Yanacha Ayers was born on 16 Jan 1745 in Somerset County, New Jersey. She has also been shown by another source to have been born 16 Jan 1751/52 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. She died on 25 Dec 1831 in Georges Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She died at the home of her daughter, Dorcas Wynne. Parents: Moses Ayers and Dorcas Cox.
Spouse: William Nixon. William Nixon and Jane Yanacha Ayers were married about 1771 in Sussex County, New Jersey. Children were: Allen Nixon, Moses Nixon, Jacob Nixon, John Nixon, William Nixon, Dorcas Nixon, George Nixon, Jacob Nixon, Samuel Nixon, Elizabeth Nixon.
Reference: 2374

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Ayers, Moses (b. , d. ?)
Note: Moses Ayers lived in Sussex County, New Jersey.
Spouse: Dorcas Cox. Children were: Jane Yanacha Ayers.
Reference: 2375

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Cox, Dorcas (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 2376

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Nixon, Allan (b. WFT Est 1723, d. WFT Est 1771)
Note: Allan Nixon(172) (1) was born about 1723 in Ireland. He died will proved 24 March,1774 in Hardwick Twp. Sussex Co. New Jersey. It is established that Allan Nixon brought a part of his family with him when he left Ireland.
Earliest known records for Allan Nixon show that he came to the colonies prior to 19 Nov. 1754. He imigrated from Carrickfadd, Ireland,somewhere about 1748. His first three children were born in Ireland.
Allan's Will is dated 27 Feb.1771 and proved 24 March 1774 in Hardwick Twp.,Sussex Co., New Jersey

WILL OF ALLAN NIXON,Hardwick township,Sussex Co. New Jersey
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, this twenty seventh day of February in ye year of Our Lord,1771, I Allan Nixon,of Hardwick in the county of Sussex in the province of WEST JERSEY,being in perfect health, mind and memory, thanks be to the Lord for it,therefore calling to mind, the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men one to die,do make and ordain this my last will and testament;that is to say,principally,and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hand of God that gave it and for my body & recommendit to the earth,to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner,at the descration of my Executors,nothing doubting,but at the general resurrection I shall receive it again;by the mighty power of God;and as touching such worldly estate therewith it hath plaised God to bliss me with in this life,I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner,and form first of all it is my will,and I do order that in ye first place all my just debts and funeral charges be paid and satisfied Itim I give and bequeath to Catherine my dearly beloved wife all my household moveable furniture for to do with and dispose of as she sees cause. Itim I give to my said wife Catherine my plantation with everything belonging to the same--whilst she remains my widow, but if she should marry than the and cratures to be my four sons,that is to say, to William,John,Allan and Patrick Nixon, to be equally divided amongst them by selling of the same or otherwis if they themselves can agree, they paying my just debts and twenty pounds apeice to each of my three daughters, that is to say Mary,Grace, Elizabeth Nixon, each twenty pounds but if any of my said child should die without issue than their part to be equally divided amongst the rest of my children, constituting and appointing my wife Cathrine with my son william to be Executors of this last will and testament, in witness where I have hereunto set my hand and seal this
Allan Nixon
Nathan Armstrong her mark Cathrine X Nixon
Affie xx her mark Armstrong William Nixon
Geo Armstrong

26th of March 1774
before me
Thoms Anderson,Sr.
Parents: William Nixon.
Reference: 2377

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Wright, Catherine (b. 1724, d. WFT Est 1780)
Note: Catherine Wright(214) (1) was born about 1724 in of Carrickfadd, Dublin Ireland. She died on 4 Mar 1788 in Hardwick Twp. Sussex Co. New Jersy. Catherine's Will is dated 12 July 1780 and proven 4 March 1788 in Sussex Co. New Jersey The names of all seven of Catherine and Allan children are mentioned in both of their wills.


Signed seald Published & Pronounced
& Declared by the Sd Catharine Nixon her
as her last will and Testament Catharine XXXX Nixon
in the presence of Us mark

John Armstrong (Note: Will in hand wrighting of John Armstrong)
George Armstrong

Sworn at NewTown, the 31st March 1788 by John Armstrong, befor Thomas Anderson, Senr.

Parents: Thomas Wright and Mary.
She was married to Allan Nixon about 1741.(173) Children were: Mary Nixon, William Nixon, Grace Nixon, John Nixon, Elizabeth Nixon, Allan Nixon, Patrick Nixon.
Reference: 2378

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Wright, Thoms (b. WFT Est 1700, d. ?)
Reference: 2379

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Mary, (b. WFT Est 1700, d. ?)
Reference: 2380

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Davis, David (b. , d. ?)
Note: One known son of John DAVIS was a David DAVIS, born abt 1700 and died abt 1766. David DAVIS, along with his brother, Evan DAVIS, bought 156 acres and 25 perches of the 200 acres that father, John DAVIS, had released to their uncle, David DAVIS. David DAVIS, the son of John DAVIS, was married late in life, abt 1750. Somewhere along the way the David DAVIS (1700-1766) family moved their base of operations out to Rockingham County, Virginia and from there to Green County, and from there to Knox County, Kentucky. David DAVIS (1700-1766) apparently had the following children:

a. Richard DAVIS born abt 1750 who married to Elizabeth PRESTON.

b. Evan DAVIS

c. John DAVIS

d. Norton DAVIS

e. Zachariah DAVIS born 2 February, 1760, Shrewsbury, Pa., died in 1842, in Knox County, Tennessee. He married to Catherine Elizabeth "Betsy" HOOFT in 1784. They had five children. They lived in Rockbridge County, Virginia. The DAVIS men were skilled carpenters that built and ran grist mills. Around 1800, they moved to Sevier County, Tennessee. He drew a Revolutionary War pension until his death. In an article from a Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper before 1919---"It is interesting to the descendants of Zachariah DAVIS to know that throughout his life he wore knee breeches, a large silver shoe buckle, and his hair in a queue in the old style."

f. James DAVIS born 10 September, 1761, and died 10 September, 1850, in Fayette County, Pa. Married to Keziah PHILLIPS, a daughter of Samuel PHILLIPS and Keziah ABRAHAM. Samuel PHILLIPS was the son of Griffith PHILLIPS and Catherine ROBERTS. Griffith and Catherine are buried in the Great Valley Church Cemetery, near Devon, Pa. Many people over the years have confused this James DAVIS with the James DAVIS, son of old Owen DAVIS and Mary JAMES. They were two different people. James DAVIS, son of David DAVIS is buried at Woodbridge Church Cemetery near Ruble's Mill in Fayette County, Pa. Over the years, it has been stated (per court case in Fayette County, Pa.) that this James DAVIS "lived with an uncle near Valley Forge, Pa. when George Washington wintered his troops there..." It is believed that actually there Were TWO brothers that stayed with that uncle...James "AND" his brother, Zachariah DAVIS (1760-1842). James had the following children with wife, Keziah PHILLIPS: Sa!
muel born 6 December, 1785; Joshua born 10 July, 1787; Zachariah born 10 January, 1789; David born 6 May, 1793; Hannah born 8 November, 1795; Keziah born 29 March, 1798; and Mary born 25 January, 1806.

h. William DAVIS

i. Two, possibly three unknown daughters

j. David DAVIS who marrried to Martha Ann ________.
Reference: 2381

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Davis, Shion John (b. WFT Est 1670, d. ?)
Note: Shion "John" DAVID married late in life to a Martha Anne (unknown surname). This Shion "John" DAVID later changed the spelling of his surname to "DAVIS" and was called "John"...John DAVIS subscribed to the Philadelphia Confession in 1716. On 16 May, 1748, a record exists showing John DAVIS selling his 1/2 interest in 400 acres in Welsh Tract at New Castle, Delaware, to his brother, David DAVIS. That same year the Reverend Samuel DAVIS became ill in Rockingham County, Virginia. I believe that this Samuel DAVIS was a son of John DAVIS' brother, David DAVIS. David DAVIS asked John and Martha Anne DAVIS to come into court and complete the Land Deed dated 12 May, 1743 and same was acknowledged in the Court Of Common Pleas held for the County of New Castle in the May term, 1748.
Reference: 2382

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Ann, Mary (b. , d. ?)
Reference: 2383

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David, Richard (b. WFT Est 1635, d. 16 FEB 1718/19)
Note: Richard DAVID, a Monmouthshire (England) Quaker, was born in Wales, died 16 February, 1719. His wife was Shonnet "Jennet" (unknown surname).

Richard DAVID, with his wife and son, Shion "John" DAVID, left with 14 other passengers from the counties of Pembrok and Caermarthen from Milford Haven, in Wales in the month of June, 1701, for Philadelphia, on the ship "JAMES AND MARY". Shonnet"Jennet" (unknown surname) DAVID died and was thought to have been buried at sea 10 June, 1701. Richard DAVID and his son arrived in America in September, 1701.
Reference: 2384

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Unk, Shonnette "Jeanette" (b. WFT Est 1635, d. 10 JUN 1701)
Reference: 2385

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Phillips, Catherine (b. 25 MAR 1755, d. 25 FEB 1802)
Note: American Swedish Historical Museum: Yearbook 1958, pp 18--20
Reference: 2386

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Phillips, Griffith (b. WFT Est 1685, d. 4 SEP 1747)
Note: Title: Chester Cty., Church Records, p. 165, Vol.3
Title: Phil. Wills, p. 205, Griffith Phillips of Upper Merion, Phila. Cty., Yoeman, written 8/27/1747 proved 9/11/1747 Philadelphia, PA

The following possesses interest, being a list or settlers residing in
Upper Merion in 1734, thirty-two in number, and with the amount of land
returned as belonging to each:

Mats Holstein, 252 acres
Hugh Hughs, 200
Morris Edwards, 150
Owen Thomas, 100
Griffith Phillips, 50
John Moor, 150
Owen Jones, 100
Thomas Jenkens, 100
John David, 100
Alexander Henderson, 100
Mounce Rambo, 100
John Rambo, 100
Gabriel Rambo, 150
Elias Rambo, 150
Peter Yocum, 50
Andrew Supplee, 50
Hugh Williams, 100
Benjamin Davis, 100
John Sturgis, 100
Isaac Rees, 100
Richard Bevan, 200
David Jaynes, 100
William Rees, 150
Edward Roberts 100
Mathew Roberts, 100
William George, 150
Thomas Rees, 100
Harry Griffith, 100
Hannah Jones, 100
Griffith Rees, 50
David Lewis, 100 and
Jones Rees, 40 acres.

Of this list, it will be observed that nearly two-thirds are Welsh. In the
assessment of 1780, out of one hundred and thirty-eight names, but very
little over one-fourth are found to be of the aforesaid origin. This
denotes a considerable diminution in the Welsh element during a peri
forty-six years. Within the past fifty years the Irish population has
increased through the encouragement given them as laborers in the lime,
marble and iron industries. Descendants and land-holders of the name of

Thomas and
Davis are found scattered over the township, many of whom still
occupy their ancestral tracts.

History of Montgomery County Within the Schuylkill Valley By William Joseph Buck, page 41 - early settlers around 1734

LIsted as an early land holder: Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania By Charles H. Browning, page 490 in Upper Merion
Reference: 2387

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Catherine, (b. WFT Est 1685, d. ?)
Reference: 2388

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Abraham, James (b. 1691, d. 1788)
Note: American Swedish Historical Museum: Yearbook 1958, p 19

James Abraham, Son of Sarah Abraham, was born in Wales and accompanied his widowed mother from Wales to Radnor as early as 1713. He married in 1715 Margaret Davis, Daughter of James Davis Sr. and early Welshman of the Great Valley, who owned 445 acres along the schylkill and who as the only known found of the great valley baptist church, Paolia Pennsylvania.
American Swedish Yearbook 1958, P 19
Reference: 2389

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